CryptoAssets Local Chapter Directors Call For Applications

CryptoAssets Local is the global community of Blockchain and CryptoAssets ecosystems. Each city or school’s chapter director and team organize monthly events to inspire the local ecosystem and connect with the global community.

Our mission is to democratize the future of CryptoAssets and the Blockchain Economy and empower the people who will make that future happen.

Networking is at the heart of our events while also providing access to inspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and other thought leaders in the world of digital ledgers and digital/tokenized assets. Whether it is a fireside chat interview, a panel of experts or a workshop, we want to inspire each local ecosystem with brilliant guests and networking opportunities.

Are you skilled at organizing events and connecting people? Are you a born networker? If you are passionate about blockchain and crypto and interested in ecosystem building, contact us for more information on being a local chapter director or contributing to your city or school’s CryptoAssets Local Chapter.

What Would I Need To Do?

  1. We ask our local teams to organize one event per month. Depending on the size of your city and ecosystem, that can be a guest speaker, fireside chat, panel or just a networking cocktail. The important things are consistent, quality events and great people skills.
  2. There are no application costs or fees. In fact, if you can create a dynamic chapter you can probably sell tickets to certain events, find sponsors, and make money.
  3. We’ll provide you with the online tools and branding materials that you need for organizing, marketing and executing professional events to build a strong local blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

What’s In It For Me?

  1. First and foremost, this is about ecosystem building. You’ll play an important role in creating value for your local ecosystem and helping it grow and mature.
  2. You’ll increase your profile as a thought leader and connector in the blockchain community.
  3. You’ll be able to leverage the global CryptoAssets Local community and brand to source great guests as they travel, leverage our ecosystem development toolkit and resources, as well as potential ticket sales/sponsorship revenue share.

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Does that sound like you? Apply to be a CryptoAssets Local Chapter Director for your city or university/college and let’s make some magic happen!

The CryptoAssets Institute is an association dedicated to democratizing the Blockchain Economy and CryptoAssets. We assist governments and regulators on technology adoption and regulation, corporations on blockchain/crypto innovation opportunities and historical business model disruption, and investment funds on digital assets/tokenized securities/tokenized investments.

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