SXSW Pitch Blockchain Track

Our Director, Ethan Pierse, is an official judge for the SXSW Pitch Competition for the Blockchain Track. If you are at SXSW, stop by afterwards and say Hi. 👋🏻

Ethan will join #rockstar judges Sarah Morgenstern from Omidyar Network, William Hurley from Strangeworks, Chinedu Enekwe from AffinitiVC and Jalak Jobunputra from Future\Perfect Ventures.

See the official site for more information on this year’s finalist startups.

2019 SXSW Pitch Blockchain Startup Finalists

Bext360 develops technologies that leverage blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT, to: streamline critical supply chains in emerging economies, provide a traceable fingerprint for commodities from producer to consumer, and enable organizations to track sustainability and CSR policies and progress. Bext360 was named to Forbes’ 25 Most Innovative AgTech Startups In 2018.

Eggschain exists to preserve hope of life and peace of mind in the fertility industry and beyond. Leveraging the blockchain, we enable consumers to track their frozen eggs, embryos, sperm and genetic materials. We deliver the above by providing immutable records of ownership information and estate plans.

Knowbella Tech is an open science collaboration company that uses blockchain to deliver free tools, services, intellectual property, and equipment to researchers, particularly the underserved. Those researchers who collaborate within the Platform will be awarded AnthroCoin cryptocurrency. The Company will initially generate revenues by matchmaking scientists with employers who pay to access the scientists looking for employment.

Nebula Genomics offers consumers and patients affordable personal genome sequencing and enables control over personal genomic data, while researchers get access to a network of individuals for on-demand genomic data generation, access and analysis. is unlike any other Industrial IoT company in the market today. We don’t just create dashboards that need to be monitored. We enable new business models that bring purpose to clients IIoT investments by connecting financial transactions to machinery performance.


Bioverse is changing the way our society values the natural ecosystem and biodiversity by creating an entirely new economy that leverages biological and genetic diversity. Using blockchain to secure access and ownership of digital genomics and associated IP, Bioverse is creating a mechanism to ensure that investments in biological and genetic discoveries are generating capital gains to indigenous communities, local government, and ecosystem restoration initiatives.

Lucidity uses blockchain technology to bring transparency to digital advertising so brands always get what they pay for, honesty is rewarded, dishonesty isn’t, and measurement standards are enforced. We provide the transparency brands need to buy media with confidence.

NuID is a pioneer in trustless authentication and decentralized digital identity. The NuID platform leverages zero knowledge cryptography and blockchain technology to eliminate the need for businesses to store passwords.

* Photo by Marie Ketring/SXSW

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